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  1. gly endless series of two-person cells stacked on top of each other one by one,..
  2. The film is full of symbols, hidden messages and a lot of social commentary, so here's a break down of the ending and what it all meant. *spoilers ahead* The Platform ending explained
  3. What is The Platform ending, explained? The platform finally stops for good at Level 333, the last level, where there is a child hiding under the bed. Goreng and Baharat get off the platform to..
  4. The conclusion of The Platform sees Goreng sending the child back up on the platform as a message to the chefs at the top, who are presumably in a similar state of ignorance as Imoguiri. Instead.
  5. 'The Platform' ending explained. In a recent interview with a media portal, The Platform's movie director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia explained the ending of the film. The Platform movie ends with Goreng and his inmate Baharat climbing the platform from Floor 6 to make sure that everybody on each floor gets an equal amount of food. But soon they discover that all the people are dead. After traveling for some time, they stop on floor 333. Now, only the panna cotta is left and Goreng.

Confused by The Platform ending - Contains a spoiler. spoiler. Click to see spoiler. 295 comments. share. save. hide. report. 99% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast . Sort by. best. level 1. 1 year ago. There aren't supposed to be any children down there. And finding one may inspire the people above who have a conscience to do something. Der Film spielt in einer dystopischen Zukunft ausschließlich in einem Gefängnis mit dem titelgebenden Namen Der Schacht, von der Verwaltung Vertikales Zentrum für Selbstverwaltung genannt. Es ist ein Turm, in dem die Zellen, die jeweils von zwei Insassen bewohnt werden, übereinander liegen The movie concludes with Goreng (Ivan Massagué) teaming up with his new cellmate, Baharat (Emilio Buale), to ride the platform down from Floor 6 to ensure that everyone below gets a portion of.

The movie ends as we see the girl heading up to the very top of the hole. She is the message of hope that Goreng has managed to send to the ones in control, a sign of the spontaneous solidarity. The Platform ends with the girl ascending the platform to the top level, but it might not be as hopeful as it seems. To me, that lowest level doesn't exist. Goreng is dead before he arrives, and.

I thought of this as soon as I finished i The Platform Explained (Movie Plot and Ending Explained) The Platform, a.k.a El Hoyo, is a 2019 Spanish science-fiction, psychological-thriller on Netflix. The Platform movie cast includes Iván Massagué, Antonia San Juan, Zorion Eguileor, Emilio Buale Coka, and Alexandra Masangkay in the leading roles

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The Twist Ending To Netflix's 'The Platform,' Explaine

  1. THE PLATFORM Ending Explained! - YouTube
  2. The Platform is a Spanish science fiction horror-thriller film, directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia. This video breaks down the chilling story, where the refe... This video breaks down the chilling.
  3. The Platform ending explained Doomed: Goreng is stuck in cell 48 (Netflix) / (Netflix) We come to understand the rules of The Hole through Goreng (Ivan Massague) a newcomer to the prison, who is..
  4. When the Netflix original film The Platform dropped in February 2020, the Spanish horror-thriller quickly generated a ton of buzz for its unique dystopian se..
  5. The platform (2019) - (One of the) ending (s) - YouTube. The platform (2019) - (One of the) ending (s) Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin.
  6. What The Platform's Ending Really Means A large part of Goreng's decision to disembark the platform is the apparition of Trimigasi. After killing him, Goreng was repeatedly haunted by his original cellmate, and Goreng frequently found himself haunted by Imoguiri and Baharat after their deaths

The Platform ending explained: The meaning behind Netflix

Ending Explained is a recurring series in which we explore the finales, secrets, and themes of interesting movies and shows, both new and old. In this entry, we discuss the ending of The Platform Netflix's The Platform Ending Explained. By Charlie Ridgely - March 25, 2020 12:39 pm EDT. Share 0 Comments. 0; The Platform has quickly become a major hit on Netflix, becoming the most popular. The Platform's director explained the confusing ending (Picture: Netflix) ***This story contains spoilers for The Platform*** Netflix's Spanish sci-fi thriller The Platform had us on the edge. Netflix's The Platform has proven to be a hit for the streaming service, but it also left a lot of questions up in the air - here are the most biggest. Based on a script by David Desola and Pedro Rivero, the dystopian horror first premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2019 Netflix movie The Platform ending explained. Let's get into the The Platform ending by answering some of the most asked questions.. Why was the panna cotta the message? No food ever made it to the bottom of the hole. So, if a delicious dessert full of fat and sugar could make it to the bottom (and then back to the top level 0), then that would mean people had managed to work together

Which of the characters in The Platform do you feel had the approach that would lead to the most favorable outcome for all? Harmeling: In the end, maybe it is [Goreng] who has the best. The ambiguous ending to new Netflix thriller 'The Platform' has been explained by director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia in a new intervie

If you've seen the ending and want to know what it all means, read on, but otherwise - be warned - there are spoilers ahead the horror movie. *Spoiler warning for The Platform* The Platform ending. Netflix's The Platform ending explained from whether the film is an allegory for capitalismn to whether the girl is Miharu's daughte The Platform is Netflix's latest bizarre addition to have everyone talking. What exactly happens at the end, and what was the message? Let's break down the final scene The Platform, from director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, is something akin to a cross between the Canadian cult film The Cube and a vertical version of Bong Joon-ho's Snowpiercer, an indictment of capitalism with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer to the kneecap. The blunt allegory, however, is part of The Platform's appeal. It's a deliciously.

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I thought The Platform on Netflix was amazing, but in the end it suddenly became far too open-ended. Some people are calling it lazy, others seem to I don't think he should have left the child on the platform at the end. The ending is pessimistic on the topic of class-migration. By sending her back without a bearer, the cycle of the levels is repeated. I think this tries to communicate that it is futile to even attempt to change your status. But beyond that point, it makes a clear declaration that class is finite and immutable. Tragic. Many viewers were left scratching their heads at the ending of The Platform due to the metaphorical nature of the film's conclusion and the questionable fate of its hero, Goreng (Iván Massagué.

The Platform is a sci-fi and psychological thriller that wades deep into classism and elitism. It follows Goreng (Iván Massagué), who enters the mysterious Pit for a six-month study to earn a diploma involving studies of the human psyche. This tower consists of various levels with a majestic spread of food being sent from the top to the bottom on a moving table by the elites and their chefs. The Blue Revolution is a political platform which aims to bring an end to the party political system by enabling as many like-minded people as possible from as wide a variety of backgrounds to stand for elections at every administrative level from Parish to Parliament. This is achieved by the simple means of authorising the use of the platforms emblems to those who endorse the Blue Revolution. 'The Platform' ending, explained: *Warning: Spoilers ahead* Our entry into The Platform is through Goreng, a scrawny prisoner who lives in a cell labeled 48 with an older man, Trimagasi, who explains the rules of The Hole. Once a day, a floating platform covered with a decadent feast of food descends from the top floor, stopping at each level so the inmates can eat. Article continues below.

Netflix's The Platform Ending Explained: What Happened And

The Platform (Spanish: El hoyo, transl. The Hole) is a 2019 Spanish social science fiction-horror film directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia. The film is set in a large, tower-style Vertical Self-Management Center. Its residents, who are switched every 30 days between its many floors, are fed via a platform which, initially filled with food at the top floor, gradually descends through the tower. The Platform is also a grisly, gnarly horror film, one that becomes surprisingly bathed in blood during its action-heavy final act. The structure has led to comparisons to Cube and Snowpiercer, but it also reminded me of brutal action films like those in The Raid series.Ultimately, however, what makes The Platform work is that it stands on its own

The movie ends on a sort of confused, ambiguous note that feels like a bit of a cop-out, but providing easy answers would have been even more dissatisfying. The world of The Platform is limited and insular, but it represents a larger society that has no simple solutions for its many inequalities The end of the movie is quite vague, but it does have a meaning. At the end, we don't see what happens to the protagonist, but it is hinted that the protagonist probably dies. Notice that he was heavily injured and barely got on the platform with the girl, when they reached the bottom, then he suddenly he gets off and walks normally when he. The Platform Movie Ending Explained Need to Talk About The Platform's Bizarre Ending? Let's Break Down What It All Means. April 7, 2020 by Stacey Nguyen. 220 Shares Watching The Platform on.

Terrain features [] Main island []. All players begin their exploration of the End with the main island. Unlike Nether portals, entering the end portal instantly teleports the player to the End, giving no time to back out.Upon arrival, in the end, the player materializes on a 5×5×1 obsidian platform with 3 layers of air blocks above it, if there are any blocks in a 3 block space above the. Knowledge Platform Welcome to the End Violence Knowledge Platform, a place to explore the latest evidence, research and data critical to ending all forms of violence against children. This content comes from our community of 450 partners, and has been selected for its rigour and contributions to the field of violence prevention And it helped that The Platform leaves a major question unanswered with an ambiguous ending. So could there be the potential for a sequel? Netflix. Here's how the premise makes a sequel possible. If The Platform's action-packed finale is a freight train, The Raid is a dang supersonic jet, and there's no better place to look for an epic never-ending battle against impossible odds..

End Violence has launched its new Knowledge Platform, a place to explore the latest evidence, research and data critical to ending all forms of violence against children.All of the content on this page - which will be updated monthly - has been hand-picked by our team of data, evidence and learning specialists, and has been selected for its rigour and contribution to the field of violence. The Platform. Netflix. The climax of the film is when Gorang and his third cellmate (the first two have died) arm themselves with metal poles, force the first 50 levels to skip a day's meal. I can't get enough of The Platform.It was all I could think about back when I first saw it in September and that continued straight through to the film's March 20th release on Netflix. The. The Platform review - fiendish Netflix thriller about a gory battle for food In this gruesomely effective Spanish fable, people are placed on rotating levels with different amounts to eat.

Allegro is a pioneering end-to-end enterprise-grade platform for data scientists, data engineers, DevOps, and managers to manage experiments, orchestrate workloads, and manage data, all in a simple tool that integrates with whatever toolchain a team is using already. The company's platform supports on-prem, private cloud, multi-cloud tenants, and custom configurations. Continuous learning. The Platform. Not rated. In Spanish, with subtitles. Running time: 1 hour 34 minutes. What Should You Watch Next? Not sure what to stream anymore? We can help you sort through the options. Plenty. POLICY PLATFORM: END THE WAR ON BLACK PEOPLE END THE WAR ON BLACK HEALTH AND BLACK DISABLED PEOPLE. Black people across the U.S. have shorter life expectancy, higher rates of stress-related medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and unmet mental health needs, higher rates of chronic health issues, devastating rates of Black maternal and infant mortality, and. The Platform is a high-concept sci-fi/thriller that mirrors the evils of wealth inequality, the protagonist trapped inside a hellish prison, forced to share his cramped room with a repugnant roommate POLICY PLATFORM: END THE WAR ON BLACK PEOPLE. END THE WAR ON BLACK COMMUNITIES. Reallocate funds at the federal, state, and local levels from policing and incarceration to long-term community-based safety strategies . M4BL.ORG / POLICY PLATFORMS / END THE WAR ON BLACK PEOPLE / END THE WAR ON BLACK COMMUNITIES. The Preamble. END THE WAR ON BLACK YOUTH. END THE WAR ON BLACK WOMEN. END THE WAR ON.

The Platform ending explained: Is Goreng dead and what is

POLICY PLATFORM: END THE WAR ON BLACK PEOPLE END THE WAR ON BLACK WOMEN. Black women have historically and continue to experience some of the highest rates of violence, including lethal, physical, and sexual violence; highest rates of maternal mortality and stress-related medical conditions; and some of the highest rates of poverty and unemployment, of any group in the United States Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for Worst ending: In 6 or fewer levels. Bad ending: In 7 to 11 levels. Good ending: In 12 or more levels. Will also unlock the final levels including 16 and 17. Final ending: In all the 17 levels. More about Oddworld Soulstorm. Oddworld Soulstorm is a popular platform game that has been developed and published by Oddworld Inhabitants. The game is.

The Platform on Netflix Ending Explained - Decide

7 Best High-End AR Platform Rifles [Ultimate Guide] Deals of the Day: Hand-Picked Ammo & Firearm Discounts. See All Deals. Merch. Pew Pew Tactical Logo Tee . $24 + Shop Now PPT Retro Laser Gun Tee . $24 + Shop Now Tactical Pen . $14. Shop Now Tactical Patch . $4.50. Shop Now Pistol Case . $16. Shop Now Flexfit Laser Logo Camo . $29. Shop Now 7 Best High-End AR Platform Rifles [Ultimate Guide. The Platform. 2019 | TV-MA | 1h 34m | Thriller Movies. A slab of food descends floor by floor in a prison. The inmates above eat heartily, leaving those below starving and desperate. A rebellion is imminent. Starring: Iván Massagué, Antonia San Juan, Zorion Eguileor. Watch all you want. JOIN NOW . Winner of TIFF's People's Choice Award. Nominated for three Goyas, including Best New Director. Trouvez les The Platform Ending images et les photos d'actualités parfaites sur Getty Images. Choisissez parmi des contenus premium The Platform Ending de la plus haute qualité

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POLICY PLATFORM: END THE WAR ON BLACK PEOPLE END THE WAR ON BLACK YOUTH. An immediate end to the criminalization and dehumanization of black youth across all areas of society, including, but not limited to, criminal and juvenile punishment and education systems, social service agencies, media, and pop cultur Scopri le migliori foto stock e immagini editoriali di attualità di The Platform Ending su Getty Images. Scegli tra immagini premium su The Platform Ending della migliore qualità The Platform is a grim, violent, and harrowing ride as one man stands up for those beneath him with unexpected results. January 26, 2021 | Full Revie

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'The Platform' ending explained: Was the message finally

Policy platform: END THE WAR ON BLACK PEOPLE. All relief efforts must prioritize black families and communities over corporations. M4BL.ORG / POLICY PLATFORMS / END THE WAR ON BLACK PEOPLE. The Movement for Black Lives (M4BL) launched the Vision for Black Lives, a comprehensive and visionary policy agenda for the post-Ferguson Black liberation movement, in August of 2016. The Vision, endorsed. By the time the platform reaches level 48, the turkey leg has been chewed down to a few errant strips of saliva-covered meat. By the time it reaches level 80, the smorgasbord has been reduced to a. Netflix's The Platform , a film about a vertical prison filled with gluttony and cannibalism, is striking a chord with American viewers now

Confused by The Platform ending - Contains a spoiler

And the benefit for end-customers is that they receive the best of both worlds: the convenience of financial services through an on-demand digital platform and the depth and robustness that come from a licensed, regulated banking institution. But ultimately, it may be the concept of the platform that ends up as the real winner. Already, we see this concept firmly embedded in various other. The Platform witnesses Trimagasi's fear and cruelty through the point of view of new cellmate Goreng (Iván Massagué), first seen in a zoom so tight you can count his eyelashes Directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia. With Ivan Massagué, Zorion Eguileor, Antonia San Juan, Emilio Buale. A vertical prison with one cell per level. Two people per cell. Only one food platform and two minutes per day to feed. An endless nightmare trapped in The Hole Oracle Netsuite has declared end of life status for at least part of an email marketing software suite that traces its roots to Durham - the Bronto Marketing Platform

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Cross-Platform Mobile App Development: Ending the iOS vs. Android Debate. July 17, 2020 . Post Views: 1,333. 4 comments. The iOS vs. Android debate first came to light when Android became one of the most popular and extensively used mainstream mobile platforms. According to Statista, together, Google Android and Apple iOS account for 99% of the global mobile OS market share. Initially, mobile. Joe Biden recommits to ending fossil fuel subsidies after platform confusion The DNC removed opposition to fossil fuel subsidies from a Manager's Mark draft on Monday By Justine Calma @justcalma.

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Platform definition is - plan, design. How to use platform in a sentence 1 Implementing End to End Encryption in your Cross Platform App 2 Implementing End to End Encryption in your Cross Platform App. This is a two part tutorial series for implementing End to End Encryption. If you haven't read the first part you are suggested read it before continuing. The second part will be focusing on encrypting any message between two users using the shared key generated in. In my opinion the film's ending requires a carefull enquiry. I would like to enquire the ending through following questions: How is it even possible for the child to. The Platform is a hard movie to sit through, and it has other faults, like an irritatingly mystical ending. But it's certainly memorable, and even admirable in its dedication to fully.

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